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Professional Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Services Professional Zone Control System Services in Brevard County and Surrounding Areas

There are many types of air conditioning units on the market, each designed for a different sized home and space. For those that have more than two rooms in need of cooling, a packaged air conditioning unit is often the best choice – providing efficient cooling via ductwork to each room in your home.

If you are interested in having a packaged air conditioning unit installed in your home, contact Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. Inc. today. We have worked extensively with customers across the Palm Bay, FL area to offer a full range of cooling services.

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Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Palm Bay, FL

A packaged air conditioning unit can be installed in one of two layouts. The first is to encompass all of the components, including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve within one unit. This unit then blows the cooled air through ductwork laid within your home.

The second option is to utilize a dual–unit installation. This type of installation consists of a central compressor and condenser, and multiple cooling units in each room. The type of system you choose will depend largely on the size of your home, how many rooms you need to cool and whether you have existing ductwork in place. We can help provide a thorough breakdown of the benefits and costs of both options.

Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Replacement

If you already have a packaged air conditioning unit, replacement is a complex process. Because the technology utilized in these devices has advanced greatly since the last time you purchased an air conditioner, you will get better energy ratings and quieter options from almost all manufacturers you consider.

Our trained Palm Bay, FL air conditioning technicians will help you determine which brand and style of packaged air conditioning unit is best for your home and help with the air conditioning replacement process by removing your old unit.

Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

Once your new air conditioner is in place, it is important to have regular maintenance performed. This includes cleaning of the cooling coils, replacement of filters, and careful cleaning in and around the outdoor unit to remove any debris that might block air flow. Packaged air conditioning unit maintenance should be done at least once every year depending on the humidity and temperature of your home and the region in which you live.

You can support this regular packaged AC unit maintenance schedule by keeping the area around your outdoor unit clear, and performing manufacturer recommended cleaning.

Packaged Air Conditioning Unit Service

If, despite your regular maintenance schedule, you notice a problem with your new air conditioner, you may need to have more in–depth service or repairs performed. To know whether your system is suffering from something more than a clogged filter, check your energy bill for a sharp spike in usage during any one month. Additionally, check each room in your home to make sure the cool air is being circulated properly and that the temperature is steady throughout the day.

Even when the signs are subtle, it is generally possible to tell in advance when you will need packaged air conditioning unit service or repairs.

When the time comes to choose a service provider for your new or existing packaged AC unit in Melbourne, FL, give Next Generation a call. Our team of highly skilled experts will help any Brevard County, Florida area homeowner maintain a comfortable, relaxed environment for their family year round. Whether that means helping you to choose and install the perfect new unit for your home or to instigate a routine maintenance plan that keeps your packaged air conditioning unit up and running, we can help.

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