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Expert Duct Sealing Services in Brevard County and Surrounding Areas

If a leak develops in your ductwork, it can cost you a great deal of money. The loss of air between air handler and the registers located throughout your home will force your HVAC system to work that much harder which will increase your bills. It will also cause your system to need more frequent repairs, and it may break down sooner. To keep these things from happening, you should call the experts of Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. for professional Palm Bay, FL duct sealing services.

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The Importance of Duct Sealing

Ductwork is designed to last for many years. Ideally, if there are no major disasters and nothing inside your home – such as an infestation of vermin or a water leak – causes damage to the ductwork, it can last between 30 and 50 years. However, if your ductwork starts to approach its natural lifespan or if any damage is done to it in that time, you may notice a drop off in efficiency within your home’s HVAC system.

This may be a major problem already, causing very high energy bills and a clear lack of proper heating and cooling in your home, or it may be just starting to affect your heating and air conditioning system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Regardless of the current state of your ducts, professional duct sealing can eliminate these and many other problems. Having duct sealing performed as a part of regular maintenance on your ductwork will ensure we find and patch any leaks that have developed quickly, even if they are barely noticeable.

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The importance of healthy ductwork cannot be overstated. When properly installed and well maintained, your ductwork ensures peak efficiency in your HVAC system. However, a small gap between corners or a leak directly in the ductwork can create a massive drop off in efficiency that will cost you quite a bit of money on heating and cooling. The cost can increase substantially the longer it goes without being repaired and eventually might lead to a need for repairs or early replacement of your heating or cooling system.

That’s why our technicians are always on call to perform thorough duct sealing services for homes throughout the region. Call today to learn more about all of our duct sealing, cleaning and repair services, whatever your home’s needs might be.

Wherever you live in the greater Palm Bay, FL area, call Next Generation today for professional duct sealing services. We will work with you to ensure your ductwork is properly sealed and that it will keep you and your family comfortable for years to come without excess charges on your energy bill.

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