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3 Signs You Have Dirty Ductwork in Suntree, FL

Ductwork is a critical, if often underappreciated, aspect of HVAC systems. If your ducts are in bad shape, it will have consequences for your HVAC system that are just as serious as if your heating system or AC breaks down. Here are some reliable ways for Suntree, FL homeowners to tell when their ductwork is dirty.

1. Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Proper airflow is central to every HVAC system’s efficient functioning. Without this, your system won’t be able to properly distribute air through your home even if the AC and furnace can effectively heat and cool that air. Consequently, your HVAC system will pull in more energy to make up for the poor performance resulting from insufficient airflow, and this will cause your energy bills to rise sharply.

In turn, dirty ductwork is one of the principal causes of poor airflow. Debris can stick to and accumulate in the ductwork itself, or it can gather in your HVAC system’s filter. In either case, airflow will suffer.

2. Dust Coming From Your Air Vents

If dust seems to constantly emanate from your air vents, such that the area around your vents appear to always be dusty, that clearly indicates an issue. Even if the dust’s ultimate source is outside, it will leave its imprint on your ductwork when your HVAC system draws it in.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your level of indoor air quality at home has suddenly decreased, you can bet that filthy ductwork is likely to be at least partially to blame. If you and your loved ones are constantly coughing, sneezing, getting sick and experiencing allergy-like symptoms while at home, it’s time to get an air purifier and schedule duct cleaning.

Do not ignore dusty and polluted ductwork, as doing so can lead to serious outcomes for your HVAC system and health. If you’ve noticed that your ductwork needs some maintenance, call Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. in Suntree, FL, and schedule duct cleaning today.

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