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3 Symptoms of a Faulty Heat Pump Compressor in Merritt Island, FL

The compressor plays a critical role in every heat pump, allowing the system to go from absorbing heat to releasing it again. Compressor malfunctions are among the most common issues plaguing heat pumps in Merritt Island, FL. Here are a few signs that might indicate that you have a heat pump compressor issues.

1. Failure to Heat or Cool

The first and most obvious sign of a faulty compressor is that your heat pump simply isn’t doing its job well, whether it happens to be in heating or cooling mode. A heat pump’s evaporator coil absorbs heat from air passing over it, while the condenser coil condenses refrigerant and allows it to release heat back out again. In between these two steps, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, thus increasing its temperature preparing it for condensation.

2. Strange Sounds

Under normal conditions, compressors should make slight buzzing noises as heat pumps operate. When the heat pump starts up again after not being in use for a while, a louder but temporary clicking noise is also normal.

However, loud rumbling or banging noises, for example, should make you suspicious that something is wrong, as should persistent clicks. Total silence from the compressor could also point to a problem.

3. Tripping Your Breaker

If turning on your heat pump seems to constantly trip your circuit breaker, your compressor could be the ultimate cause of this malfunction. If so, it means that your compressor is likely overheating. This can happen because of old or faulty compressor parts or because the compressor itself is full of debris.

You don’t need to be stuck this winter with a bad heat pump compressor. Call Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc., and ask for our heat pump repair services near Merritt Island, FL.

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