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Do I Need New Insulation in Vero Beach, FL?

As your insulation ages it becomes less effective and can cause a host of home comfort problems. You may find your household struggling with new allergy symptoms or frequent drafts. Watch for these warning signs that you need new insulation in Vero Beach, FL.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Compromised insulation makes it impossible for your heating and cooling systems to keep your home comfortable. Some rooms may grapple with constant drafts or hot and cold spots. You may also notice your HVAC system frequently turning on and off.

Moisture Issues

After a burst pipe or roof leak, it’s essential to check for water damage. This material can hold onto water for a while, resulting in foul odors and significant stains. If you don’t catch and correct this quickly, you may notice bacterial growth in your home.

Increased Energy Bills

Residential insulation can keep your home protected from the elements for decades. However, when it begins to lose its thermal benefits with age, it impacts your utility costs and energy consumption. Even if you have newer insulation, water damage and pests pose significant risks to its structural integrity.

Worsened Allergies

A recent drop in your indoor air quality could relate to your insulation. Many people have allergies to fungal spores, pest droppings and dust. There’s a good chance your at-risk household members may begin to struggle with sneezing, skin irritation or headaches.

When your air quality suddenly worsens, it’s essential to request professional indoor air quality services. An expert will be able to tell you the cause behind your health concerns and how best to restore your home’s comfort.

Upgrading your home with new insulation will have an amazing impact on your energy costs and property value. Look to Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. for high-quality insulation service in Vero Beach, FL.

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