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How Timely AC Repair Saves You Money

Avoiding AC repair in Rockledge, FL is never a good idea. If your AC needs repair, delaying can actually increase the cost of that repair due to additional wear and tear straining your HVAC system.

Getting timely repairs isn’t supposed to be stressful, but sometimes it feels that way. Handling repairs ASAP is always the best option, and this is why.

Better Energy Efficiency

Your air conditioner isn’t running at max capacity when there’s clear damages that need to be repaired. Sure, they’re not impeding the system operating right now, but they will. When repair issues go unchecked, they impact other components in the AC.

When there’s one component that’s just chugging along, it can increase the amount of runtime your AC needs per power cycle. That means when it fires up, it may go past that 15-20 minute power cycle average. Every minute that it runs costs you more power, and more money.

You can even test it right now. If you know your air conditioner needs repairs, start a stopwatch timer when the AC kicks on, and time how long one cycle takes. While temperature and AC power (BTU output) can impact the time, an average of 15-20 minutes is the target either way.

DId it go past 20 minutes? If so, you’re operating at reduced efficiency for one reason or another. It’s time to call for repairs.

Less Frequent Repairs

Timely AC maintenance means you run into fewer repairs. Imagine that every component in your air conditioner has a percentage bar until it stops working. They all lower at different rates, but they all steadily decline as the AC picks up wear and tear damage.

Failing to repair one component of your AC that you know to be broken is like speeding up the decline of those percentage bars. You’re effectively putting more strain on the components that still work fine, so they’ll run into their own repairs faster than they should have.

This is a simplified way to put it, but the best way to visualize what happens inside of your AC when one component is dragging down system performance.

Short Cycling

Remember we had you time your cycling earlier? There’s another problem on the opposite end that you might run into: when your power cycle doesn’t last for long enough. This is one of the most common problems that pop up from not exercising timely repairs. Short cycling is when your AC gets the signal from your thermostat to turn on and start cooling down the house.

But then something happens–it shuts down before hitting that desired temperature. Because the room isn’t at the temperature the thermostat requested, it sends another request to the air conditioner to turn on, and then it does.

But then the air conditioner shuts down prematurely again. That’s short cycling, and it’s terrible for your AC.

Timely Repair is Always the Best Option

Timely repairs equate to fewer repair calls in the future, better energy efficiency, and fewer headaches for you. Nobody wants their comfort disrupted. Make the right call, and call today for a professional HVAC contractor to service your AC now.

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