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How to Improve Your AC Efficiency

Summer is right around the corner, so you know what that means. Soon you’ll need to turn on your AC and enjoy staying cool when the temperature soars.

Even if you schedule regular AC maintenance, you still need to think about how to keep your
air conditioning in Palm Bay, FL, working as efficiently as possible.

If you’ve been wondering about the best way to keep your air conditioning in mint condition, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four ways to boost your AC efficiency easily.

Clean the Vents

One of the easiest, not to mention least expensive ways to keep your AC running like new is with routine cleaning. In fact, even when your AC isn’t in use, you should still clean out the vent and make sure there’s residual dust or pet hair.

In most cases, simply using your vacuum is enough to keep your vents clear. If not, you may want to consider professional cleaning.

In addition, you should remove any furniture that’s blocking the vents. This will help improve air circulation when the AC is running, which also improves system efficiency.

Replace the Air Filter

Aside from keeping the vents clean, you can also improve AC efficiency by replacing the air filter. A good rule of thumb is to replace the filter every three months.

However, if you live in a location that’s sandy, has heavy air pollution, or you have pets, you might need to change it more often.

In some cases, monthly changes are the best way to keep your AC running smoothly.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Running your AC with the doors and windows open not only increases your energy bill, but can make your AC work harder than it needs to.

On a particularly hot day, leaving the door or window open for only a few minutes can cause your air conditioning to cycle more often or run longer to maintain the right temperature.

Always make sure to close all windows and doors prior to turning on your air conditioning. If you need to keep the door open, switch off the AC first. This way, you’ll not only save money and also put less wear and tear on your unit.

Fix Air Leaks Around Windows and Door

Drafty areas around windows and doors are a leading cause of reduced AC efficiency. Similar to when it’s cold outside and you lose heat, the same holds true when it’s hot.

Air leaks can cause your AC to run longer than it should to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. And the longer your AC runs, the harder it works.

Over time, air leaks can cause your AC to lose efficiency and need more repairs.

Before you run your air conditioning, make sure to fix any areas around your windows and doors that allow hot air in and the AC to escape.

Enlisting the help of a professional can also help you get your house in tip-top shape for summer and beyond.

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