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Is a Ductless Unit the Right Choice for You?

If it is time to consider an upgrade, you may be thinking about the benefits of a ductless unit for your home. As the name states, these are systems that operate without the use of ductwork throughout the home. Sometimes called ductless mini-splits, they are designed to help you add more comfort to areas of the home where there are no main duct systems in place. To determine if these systems are the right option for you, it is critical to take a closer look at the way they work and the benefits they bring. When you ask a technician about your
air conditioning in Palm Bay, FL, you can get more personalized insight into how well they may work for your needs. Let’s go over a few reasons why these systems are so great.

Ductless Systems Are Great For Difficult to Cool Areas

A ductless system may be an ideal choice for those who need to cool an area where there is no ductwork available. They can be placed in a primary bedroom or even in a room above the garage. They work well in rooms that are not as insulated and therefore are impacted the most by outside temperatures.

You Want to Cool Just Certain Areas

Instead of having to cool the whole home as you would with a central air conditioner, these systems are best when you want to cool just one area and the adjacent spaces. For example, you may want to just keep your bedroom or living room at a lower temperature. With this system, you can do that without having to worry about cooling the whole home, which is far more expensive to do.

You Added onto Your Home

Sometimes a home will have a central air conditioning system, but then they add onto the property with an addition. While you can hook ductwork up to these areas and often can enjoy central air in them, it is not always enough. That may be because the current air conditioner is no longer big and powerful enough to meet the needs of the larger home.

You Need to Cool a Garage

Many times, homeowners turn their garages into areas of function. It may become your workshop. It could be where you set up your home office or your home gym. No matter what you are using these spaces for, they are typically not linked to the ductwork of the home. That means that a ductless system may be the right choice for you.

You Want an Affordable Choice

Ductless systems are less expensive to install than most larger systems because they do not require a lot of drywall and home repair work to place them. In addition to this, they can be very environmentally friendly, helping you to control the cost of your air conditioning throughout the hot summer months. More so, they are reliable, especially when you service them on a routine basis according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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