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Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye to Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner is older than the subprime mortgage crisis, and it’s starting to show. Frequent repairs, less-than-ideal cooling, and those odd noises that sound like a Tin Lizzie backfiring into oblivion–you know it’s time to replace your AC.

Call for air conditioning service in Cocoa Beach, FL and have a technician inspect it before making your final decision, but understand that a full replacement may be in your best interest. Let’s talk about why a replacement at this point may be better than repairs.

If Your Unit is Over 10 Years Old, it Might Be Time to Say Goodbye

Air conditioner units can last for 10-15 years on average. Some units even make it to 20 with proper maintenance and timely repairs from day one. However, after the ten-year mark, you begin to run into some problems that a newer AC doesn’t encounter such as:

  • More frequent repair requests.
  • Lower energy efficiency.
  • Higher energy bills.

Wear and tear isn’t something that can be entirely avoided. Over a decade, your AC will begin to wear down and lose its efficiency bit by bit. You also have to keep in mind that newer technologies and energy ratings come with new units. HVAC manufacturing is always improving.

You Find Warm Spots Throughout Your Home

Your AC may be just chugging along. When you find warm spots in your house even though the AC is on, it’s indicative of a serious problem. This is referred to as uneven cooling and could have a few different causes.

This could be an issue with your ductwork (especially if it’s only a single room that has this problem) or a mechanical problem where your AC blower fan can’t push the air all the way to the end of the ductwork. This might happen in the room that’s farthest from your AC cabinet.

You Can’t Keep the Humidity Down

We all know that the humidity in Florida can be wild sometimes. On most days, if your AC struggles to pull enough moisture out of the air to keep your relative humidity levels below 60%, it’s encountering a problem.

Your air conditioner pulls moisture out of the air. Humidity makes it harder to cool a space, but it also creates mold and mildew problems when left unchecked. If your AC can’t pull humidity out of the air, it’s on its way out.

Service or Replace, But It’ll Cost You

Servicing an old air conditioner is okay, but when it costs you more in repairs than you know it should (and the repairs become more frequent), it’s a sign that it’s time to move on and think about replacement.

Your repair expenses should never equal half or more than the cost of a new unit. When major components start to fail and the rest of your AC can’t hold up, it’s time to opt for a newer, more energy-efficient air conditioner today.

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