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The Problems Poor Indoor Air Quality Creates

Indoor air quality isn’t good in a large number of homes. Over the last few years, homes have become better sealed thanks to improvements in home construction. That is great for energy efficiency but it means that air is trapped in the home and not as changed out like the air outdoors. That can be a problem.

There are steps you can take, including using indoor air quality services in Palm Bay, FL, to help improve the quality of the air in your home.

indoor air quality services in Palm Bay, FL

The Impact of Poor Indoor Air Quality

What happens when your home’s air isn’t as clean as it needs to be? It can create a number of health complications for you and others who share your home with you. That may include:

  • Increased allergy symptoms: For those who are allergic to pollen, dust, dander, and other materials, poor indoor air quality can contribute to numerous health complications, often making it harder to breathe easily.
  • Higher risk of respiratory complications: Poor indoor air quality can often lead to respiratory complications for people with asthma. You may find yourself struggling more with needing help with your respiratory health.
  • Poor overall cleanliness: When the indoor air quality is poor, it can cause a number of problems for you, including more dust throughout the home. It can also lead to lingering odors and worsening HVAC function.

Overall, indoor air quality impacts your comfort level, health, and overall cleanliness. Often, replacing the filter on your air conditioner is a good first step, but that’s not enough, especially if you have poor indoor air quality in your home.

How an Indoor Air Quality System Helps

An indoor air quality system helps to make the air within your home more manageable. These systems work to help cleanse and filter the air circulating throughout the home. That means that more of the particles that typically cause problems with breathing are removed.

These systems can help by removing bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, and other contaminants. Some are even effective at removing chemicals from the air.

Why does that matter? In short, the more effective the system is at removing those airborne contaminants, the easier you’ll breathe in your home. Consider what that means for your health – less risk of illness, fewer asthma symptoms, and improved overall health. Having a healthy environment is always a good thing, and it is often easier to create than many people realize.

The Systems You Can Choose From

There are two options that we can install in your home to consider, air cleaners and air purifiers. Both remove a wide variety of airborne pollutants. An air purifier works to sanitize the air, removing more of the particles from it using electricity or UV light. An air cleaner works to filter the air and sanitize that same airflow. Either option can be a must-have for many of today’s property owners.

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