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Why Better Insulation Is a Gift To Everyone In Your Home

We know that the idea of adding insulation to your home may seem like an odd one in our area. After all, insulation is often thought of as a way to keep warmth in–it’s why our northern neighbors are in puffy coats this time of the year. However, you may want to adjust your thinking about insulation to understand that it helps with preventing thermal transfer. In layman’s terms, insulation helps you regulate the temperature that you want indoors.

But it doesn’t stop there. Read on to learn how and why insulation can make a big difference in your home comfort.

The Reality of What Insulation Can Do

Insulation offers a thermal barrier. This means that it stops heat transfer. So, in the winter when you want to keep the house warm, insulation is going to help keep warm air in the house. More importantly though, during the warmer parts of the year, insulation helps keep warm air out of the house and holds the cool air inside.

On top of this, insulation will help with your indoor air quality by reducing the intrusion of humidity and airborne contaminants.

How Insulation Improves Indoor Air Quality

It might seem strange to think about something as simple as insulation helping your indoor air quality. However, both blown-in insulation and batt insulation can play a huge role in keeping the air in your home clean and balanced.

That thermal barrier will help keep dust and other airborne debris out, for starters. Instead of infiltrating the air in the home, a large amount of dust will stay caught in the insulation. This helps to keep your indoor air quality in a much cleaner shape than it would be otherwise, which also makes it easier to control the temperature.

Along with this, insulation will help with keeping the humidity level in the house more balanced. This is great news because high humidity (a much bigger issue in our area than dry air) can create a large number of problems for comfort and home health. Insulation will help keep most excess moisture out of your house, allowing you to more easily maintain balanced moisture levels and better comfort as a result. This also helps reduce the risk of mold or mildew growth around the house.

Why You Might Need Help With Insulation

It is estimated that before the 1950s, most Floridian homes were built without insulation. And that makes sense if the thought at the time was that insulation only kept hot air indoors. However, now that you know differently, you likely realize how important good insulation is to your home comfort.

If you are in an older home, it may mean that you’d benefit from having proper insulation installed in your home. On the other hand, if you have insulation that is starting to deteriorate, you may need insulation repairs. Whatever your situation, you can trust us to handle your Palm Bay, FL insulation service needs.

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