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Why Does My Heat Pump in Vero, FL Blow Hot Air in Cooling Mode?

If your heat pump fails to cool your Vero, FL house during the hot season, all is not well. Various underlying problems can contribute to this situation. Below, we will explain some reasons why your heat pump might blow hot air when it’s in cooling mode.

A Faulty Reversing Valve

A heat pump differs from an AC or a furnace because it can both cool and heat your home. A special component called a reversing valve enables the system to perform both functions.

During the heating season, the refrigerant transports heat from outdoors into your home. When the cooling season sets in, the reversing valve changes the direction of the refrigerant flow, and the refrigerant starts relaying heat from inside to the outdoor environment.

If the reversing valve breaks down, it cannot change the direction the refrigerant flows. As a result, the fluid continues bringing heat into your house instead of relaying the excess heat from your house to the environment, which will require professional repair services.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

Besides making sure your system is actually set to “Cool,” you should also ensure it’s set to “Auto.” This makes the heat pump’s fan only circulate air when it is actually cooling it. “On” can be a great way to distribute the air evenly, but the air might feel warm if the pump isn’t cooling it.

A Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter doesn’t allow enough air to enter the heat pump for cooling. If the heat pump doesn’t cool enough air from your living space, your house will remain warm. Remember to change your air filter often, usually every two to three months.

Understanding the issues making your system warm your house in cooling mode is the first step in resolving them. Call the air conditioning experts at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc to have all your HVAC needs addressed. No HVAC issue is beyond our capacity.

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