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Air Conditioning and Heating Service in Mims by Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc.

Are your utility bills in Mims, FL on the rise? Have you noticed a decrease in the effectiveness and performance of your home heating system? Is the air in your home aggravating your allergy or asthma symptoms? If so, you need the expert services of a professional heating and air conditioning service provider to restore comfort to your home. Contact Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. today to schedule the services you need to attain total comfort in your Mims home.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services Offered in Mims

Summer in Mims, FL is no joke, and you have to be prepared to keep your cool when the temperature just will not stop rising. A professional air conditioning system installation paired with expert maintenance and repair services is the best way to ensure your comfort throughout the hottest months of the year. Don’t let the heat get you down. Call today to schedule a high–quality air conditioning system installation or to get the maintenance you need to keep your existing AC working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Once the summer heat dies down and the temperature start to dip it is important that you know you can rely on your heater to keep your home as warm and cozy as necessary. Just because you live in Florida does not meant that your heating system does not require the same level of service and care as your air conditioner. Your heating system may need a tune–up or even some minor repairs to bounce back from the off season in full force, so call today, so make sure that your heater is ready to perform by calling for professional service today.

Other Services Offered in Mims

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators: Are you afraid to ventilate your home properly because you do not want to waste the energy you have used to heat and cool your home? Don’t worry, just schedule the installation of an energy recovery ventilator to make sure that your home is comfortable, well ventilated and that you are using as much of that energy as possible. Call today to learn more.
  • Duct Cleaning: Are the inside surfaces of your air ducts clean? Chances are you have no idea. That is why it is so important that you schedule professional duct cleaning service. Only then can you be sure that your air ducts are only distributing clean, fresh air throughout your home, not allergens and bacteria as well.
  • Insulation: Keep the air that you have paid to heat and cool inside your home. If you have poor insulation problems you may be leaking conditioned air right through your walls. You wouldn’t throw your hard earned money out the window, so don’t let the air that you have paid to condition escape unused. Call Next Generation today to have your insulation assessed and, if necessary, repaired or replaced.